30 Days of Gratitude

Over three corners I found out about Karl Staib’s 30 day gratitude challenge. Staib is the author of the Bring Gratitude book and blog. Admittedly I hadn’t heard about Staib before today nor have I read anything by him, but the idea of the challenge intrigues me. In a week where I feel completely overwhelmed with studying for multiple exams, working and organizing a fundraiser, bringing more gratitude about the small things might just be what I need. My first reaction was “you’re already doing way to much, you don’t have the time, why add another thing to your list that consumes more time!”. Nonetheless it is exactly in those times when we feel exhausted, stressed out and tired we need to make the time for ourselves, to give ourselves the time to recuperate- it is actually something we tend see as a luxury but is actually a necessity.

He describes the aim of the challenge as:

“I want you to take that first step toward strengthening your mindset, so you can be more aware of bad habits and use them to grow your happiness. Start with a gratitude journal and find a support network to help you keep building the gratitude habit. Keep it simple. Just write what you are grateful for and why every day for 30 days.”

So if you are interested please come join me for the challenge from the 1st -30th of November. I will post the things I am grateful for here on the blog everyday!


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