Today is a hard day. It’s one of those days where it’s taken me over two hours to get up after my alarm clock. I feel tired, exhausted even though I have just gotten up after a fairly good night’s sleep, and I can’t remember the last time when I haven’t felt this tired weariness. The same goes for my headache which I have had for the last several months- it is there every day, it like to travel and comes in different intensities but never really leaves me. Today is bearable, it’s more of a dull pain in the background. I feel the tension in my back, my neck, my jaw, the agitation and anxiousness below the surface. I can’t concentrate for long, my attention is fleeting. I feel like a goldfish, like a goldfish in pain.

2 thoughts on “Goldfish

  1. Step outside and take some deep breaths. The fatigue that cripples you, as you well know, will hang around for a few hours and not allow you to be yourself. Fight it and don’t let it consume you today. Today is yours and not your minds. You will be fine x


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