My wish for you this Christmas

As I leave to visit my family for Christmas this year, last year I came the days after Christmas and it was one of the most relaxing Christmases to date, I have a few wishes and thoughts, not only for myself but for all of us.

I wish that we spend the holidays looking after ourselves and doing things that are good for us. That we don’t stress ourselves out about the perfect tree or gift and enjoy the moments we have. That we have time as a gift, time to relax, be grounded and to enjoy ourselves and each other’s company. That we are present and don’t get stuck in unhappy memories of Christmases past. That we don’t start fighting over things and situations that can no longer be changed and shouldn’t define the present day. I wish that I may be as present as possible, without worrying about the things that still need to be done and what the new year holds. I hope for people that support and love each other, rather than pointing out everyone else’s faults, may we yet still have honest conversations and talk about things that really matter. May we respect each other despite and even for our differences, may we ask questions and show interest in one another. May we be offline and experience true connections.

And with these wishes I wish you all a mindful festive season!

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