In the beginning there was food

So, food might seem a strange topic to start with for a happiness project, for one eating doesn’t really make me directly happier, but eating has always been something I struggle with, while some tend to stress or emotional eating, I lose my appetite when I get stressed. At the moment I am super proud of myself if I have two meals a days, that’s a really big achievement at the moment. I If my day is too full, I can go the entire day without eating something and only notice when I get home. One of the major things I struggled with in the past year is lack of energy, I have been sleeping for up to 14-16 hours on some days because I was so tired and I managed to get a lot less done than I normally would. A major contributor is the lack of food: I have been treating myself like a car with an empty tank and been expecting myself to drive 1000km at 180km/h (yes, I live in Germany).

I enjoy cooking, but when I hardly have any energy, making something to eat that isn’t noodles and pesto feels like a monumental task, and there are enough times where I rather stay in bed, than get up and make something to eat

The point is we can’t expect ourselves to function or be healthy if we don’ provide our body with the energy and nutrients. I have been expecting myself to work without the needed basic care. If I am very honest, I am also not the nicest person when I am hungry- I tend to get hangry (hungry and angry). My temper is shorter, I am more agitated, I am less loving and a lot more critical of myself and others.

So, food seems like a good place to start to give me some of the energy I have been missing and the energy I will need to see this project through to the end, as well as the other goals I have set myself for 2019 (such as hand in my thesis- my current arch nemesis).

I will also be looking at and writing about the effect of food and gut health on mental health.

Goals for January:

  • Eat three proper meals a day (a packet of chips doesn’t count as a meal)
  • Try one new recipe per week
  • Eat more plant- based meals (more fruit and veggies): at least one per day
  • Sit down to have a meal, no reading/watching a movie or doing other things during a meal only eating and possible conversation

Seeing them written down they seem like such obvious, easily attainable goals, but are all things I really struggle with in my day to day.

So with these goals set for the next month may this coming year be a happier, healthier and more present one!

Happy New Year to all of you!

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