February- the month of decluttering

Somehow it is already the 18th of February and there only ten more days left in this month and I am wondering where the time has gone so quickly. It is the second month of my happiness project, with my first month being focused on food and thus more energy. Somehow this year has already managed to overwhelm me with how full it is and how many things there are to do. And so maybe a month, or in this case ten days, of decluttering and simplifying is just what is needed.

One of the biggest mistakes I make is when I feel inspired or have energy, I take on too many things and these then end up making me feel drained because it becomes too much.

So one of the first steps I did today was to declutter the amount of things I am currently doing.

  • Limit the amount of projects/courses I am currently working on

So out went my fitness course from my medical aid and the Science of Happiness course from Berkley, and just because I am not completing them now doesn’t mean I won’t ever, there just might be a more suitable time for it.

Admittedly one of the projects I got stuck on was this blog… I wasn’t sure if it was something I really wanted to continue, if it still served the purpose I had originally thought for it or if it had become another task that “needs to be done”. I realized that I enjoy writing, and it motivates me to read up on new things and I love sharing information with other people, who knows maybe there is something there that helps someone else or they find interesting, so for now the blog stays.

But the point is, it makes sense to examine the things we are doing and if they really serve us in the way we think they do. I feel like we often do thinks because we think we should be doing them, maybe because others expect it of us, and not because they are good for us or bring us further in any way.

A few other things I tackled today were:

  • Unfollow newsletters in my inbox that I don’t get the time to read anyway, or I have just because I think I should be reading them
  • Delete apps that distract me on my phone and iPad
  • Delete apps I no longer use
  • Aim to be more mindful of what fills up my calendar and to- do list (more of a mental note for coming times)

When thinking about decluttering many think about physical clutter, but it includes mental clutter and “task” clutter too, but more on that in the days to come.

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