The Atlas of Happiness

Something I have newly discovered for myself is podcasts, yes, I am a little late to the party. I particularly like listening to them while doing things around the house like washing dishes or folding laundry because there are few things I enjoy doing less than house work. I really like things to be clean and tidy, it gives me a sense of joy, but I don’t enjoy the process, so listening to interesting people and topics makes it more pleasant.

One of the podcasts I have discovered is the Deliciously Ella podcast by Ella and Matthew Mills and last month they had the author of The Happiness Altas, Helen Russell, as their guest with lessons in happiness from around the world. She talks about everything from “Gross National Happiness” for which Bhutan is famous for, to “La Dolce Far Niente”, the art of doing nothing, from Italy. It definitely piqued my interest to grab a copy and see what habits I could pick up and what makes people around the world happier. The revised edition happens to be coming out on my birthday, the 2nd of April, so I already know one of my birthday wishes!

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